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Friday, July 31, 2009

Are Solutions apart of the Problem in Education

According to a recent article I read, solutions that are readily available to educators, they can sometimes be part of the problem instead of a viable solution. The article provides several inclusions about situations where solutions actually made the learning environment non productive or even deconstruct learning due to the variable distractions incurred with the implementation of a solution. Timing also played as a factor for the implementation of the solution.

I recently started a collaboration tool (Office Live) to use as a solution to provide to students with the intent to increase productivity. I implemented this new collaboration tool shortly after 4 weeks of instructions of class went by. While doing this I discovered that the collaboration tool not only increased student productivity, but it also allowed students to gain much needed confidence with the use of technology and allowed them to leverage their knowledge/experience in order to learn new ways of utilizing technology for other application within education. At the end of the term, the students increased individual productivity and were asking for more information and ideas about the technology. I also developed a web site that the students could use to interact with me and also to sign up for the collaboration tool. This made life a lot easier from the administrative perspective.

This experience was a excellent and the solution could not have been implemented at a better time. The students had plenty of time to learn the new tools and this experience really taught me a lot about they way my students were thinking. This allowed me to adjust the products presentation and identify potential flaws with the tool. Please read the article below, because sometimes solutions can lead to being part of the problem instead of fixing anything. I just was able to over come the odds of not causing a distraction to the students learning process.

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ProfManzano “Shaun Manzano"

Solutions Are the Problem in Education

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