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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Why am I Pursuing a PhD?

Why am I Pursuing a PhD?

I read a post from Mihir Bellare from the Department of Computer Science & Engineering University of California at San Diego, on the topic Ph.D.

Mihir Bellare asks several questions within the Ph.D post.

Although there are many reasons to pursue such a prestigious degree, they are all unique to the individual, and are also uniquely tied to the individuals timing of attendance and contributive ability (dedication to complete) of that individual as well.

Here are a few sample questions and my responses from the post:

Why are you pursuing Ph.D? (Mark a (*) all that apply). Choices:
(*) I enjoy research
(*) I want to teach, and a Ph.D is required for that
( ) A Ph.D will help me get a higher salary
( ) I needed to leave my home country and this was the best route
( ) My parents expect it
( ) My sibling(s) did it
( ) I really wasn't interested in anything after my Bachelor's, and grad school was the easiest route
(*) Other (explain): I really want to contribute new knowledge to the community and greater opportunity to help others achieve the level of success in their lives.

What are your goals after graduating with your Ph.D? (Mark (*) all that apply). ( ) Get a research-oriented academic position
(*) Get a teaching-oriented academic position
( ) Work in a research lab
( ) Work for some hot Internet corporation
(*) Consult
(*) Start my own company
(*) Other (explain): Write a book.

I would like to share this web link with you - the Link here Ph.D enjoy!

Shaun Manzano

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